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Baritone L Mopani Brancher mouthpiece Semi-Rigid Ligature

Baritone L Ebony or Mopani Wood

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L "Loud" chamber : The same chamber as hard rubber L but in an extremely dense, homogeneous wood. Mopani brings harmonic richness and a perfectly balanced sound. 

A satin finish, obtained through extremely precise and conscientious machining, and thanks to this natural, healthy wood of exceptional quality. 

Noble, traditional mouthpiece material, also used to make flutes and clarinets, our Mopani, from Africa, is of a highest density and a beautiful light-brown veined color. Its long drying of at least ten years guarantees maintenance-free stability.

Our Ebony wood from Africa is black with brown veins and brings more compactness and harmonics to the sound.


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