Baritone Saxophones

With 35 years experience in acoustics and factory technologies, Brancher France presents a line of professional saxophones. Each Brancher saxophone is made with "no concessions" but with innovation, quality craftsmanship and precise adjustments.

The instruments are made of the finest brass. 

Body and bell are formed and soldered in the great handcrafted tradition for a more complex tone.

"Hand friendly" keys are ergonomically designed to give the quickest, most precise action.

All Brancher Baritone saxophones are delivered with 2 necks, giving each musician an ideal choice.
The necks have tenons manufactured with extreme precision (registered design) to assure perfect air stream continuity. Neck 1 facilitates legato, fast phrasing and sound depth. Neck 2 gives an open and powerful sound freeing all harmonics.

Premium pads (Chanu-France) enable perfect air-tight adjustment. Pads are individually fitted with MaxCym resonators, manufactured of one-piece brass.
These screw-on resonators have a cymbal-shaped profile. Their diameter covers a maximum of tone hole surface to boost resonance, keys closed, and the power of sound projection, keys opened. 

All these pieces are made in France. 

The saxophones are embellished with an original hand-engraving, "French Polynesian" by Phil Beaudet.

The saxophones are delivered in a "flight" case, comfortable and resistant. 

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