Mouthpieces for Baritone Saxophones

Brancher, the first manufacturer to make saxophone mouthpieces completely CNC machined from bar stock (not molded), offers a complete line in three traditional materials :

METAL : Copper alloy, rich in harmonic resonance, hand-polished, 24 karat gold or silver-grey plated. All plating are guaranteed nickel-free. 
E chamber "Equilibrium" : Almost as bright as the B model, but with more roundness. 24 karat gold plated. A perfect balance low-high for an unequaled ease of play. Ideal for Big-Band, Latin, R&B, Electro...

HARD RUBBER : Real vulcanized rubber tree sap in bars of the best quality.
L chamber "Loud" : Rich and dynamic sound with exceptional comfort. Edgy for Bebop and soft Bossa or Smooth Jazz...

EBONY : The original mouthpiece material, grenadilla wood guaranteed for maintenance-free stability.
L chamber "Loud" : Same chamber as hard rubber L but in the hardest wood. Ebony brings more compactness and harmonics to the sound.

MOPANI : Used to make flutes and clarinets, wood from Africa guaranteed for maintenance-free stability.
L chamber "Loud" : The same chamber as hard rubber L but in an extremely dense, homogeneous wood. Mopani brings harmonic richness and a perfectly balanced sound.

The sleek lines of Brancher mouthpieces, thanks to extremely precise manufacturing, give exceptional power and easy sound emission in all registers.

Available tip openings vary by model.

All Brancher mouthpieces come in a wood box with a semi-rigid ligature and a cap. Mouthpieces can be delivered with a metal (wire) ligature at extra cost.

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