Reeds for Saxophones and Clarinets Mouthpieces

Brancher reeds are made of the best French natural canes (Provence / Var exclusively). These wild canes, selected and cut by hand then sun-dried, do not come from plantations but grow naturally without watering or chemical fertilizer. The cut of Brancher reeds, resulting from a patented unique process, guarantees constancy, stability and longevity. 

CLASSIC OPERA : Brancher "Classic Opera" reeds have a solid spine with more wood in the center for a brilliant sound and powerful high-tones. This cut suits any mouthpiece, closed to open tip. (Ideal for hard rubber or ebony mouthpieces.) Demanding performers from classical to jazz choose "Classic Opera" (filed) reeds. 

JAZZ : Brancher "Jazz" reeds have a wider range of vibration for a full sound and rich tone color in all registers. They suit any jazz mouthpiece, medium to open tip. (Ideal for metal mouthpieces.) "Jazz" reeds (unfiled) are designed with the subtle needs of the jazz player in mind.

Reeds are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard inserts & boxes.

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Brancher Jazz Reeds
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Jazz Reeds

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